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  Kangda Purifying & Filter Co., Ltd.of Gu¡¯An county, Hebei province --- filter element, filter cleaner, dust removal filter cylinder, filter bag, self-cleaning air filter element, hydraulic oil filter element, dust removal and purifying filter element, oil and gas separation filter, construction machinery filter element, lubricating oil series filter element and other types of filters.  

     Located in the riverside of the scenic Yongding River , south of Beijing, Kangda Purifying & Filter Co., Ltd.of Gu'An County, is a modern professional filter manufacturer integrating with research and development, production and manufacture and sales and service. The company occupied an area of 5,000 square meters with 6 million Yuan of the fixed assets and 120 employees, among them, there are 3 senior technicians, 5 engineers with 12 managerial staff.
         The company has complete set of imported professional production line for the filter cleaner and its auxiliary testing equipments. In order to ensure the quality of the products, the filter medium are imported from the advanced filter paper manufacturer of United States, Germany, Finland, South Korea and other countries. Our company have the production capacity of five hundred thousand filter cleaners each year, the main products are: filter cleaner, filter element, filter, air filter core, oil filter, hydraulic oil filter core, dust filter element , oil and gas separation filter element, fine dust filter element, wire-wound filter , water treatment filter, chemical melt filter element, drilling machinery, desulfurization and dust removal equipments and the filter element of air compressors etc. The products above-mentioned are suitable for the large air separation equipments, metallurgical industry, blast furnace oxygen device as well as a variety of mining engineering machinery, import gas turbine, power plant, powder coating, industrial dust removal, environmental protection and purification , medicine, electronics, chemical industry and s moke ventilator and other industries.
         Our company has been awarded ¡°the contract abiding & trustworthy enterprise ¡± by the Administration for Industry and Commerce of Langfang City, ¡°the national key new product certificate¡± by the Ministry of Science and Technology and ¡°the excellent credit enterprises of Hebei Province ¡± by the Economic and Trade Commission from province, city and county level. In 2000, our company passed through ISO9001: 2000 quality system certification. In the light of the principle of ¡° contract abiding & trustworthy, credit first £¬ reputation supreme ¡±, our company abide by the classic tenets of ¡°high-quality coming from profession with development relying on the credibility¡±. We will always provide perfect service for large customers with high quality products, reasonable prices and fast goods delivery.

    Let us hand in hand for creating the twenty-first century glory! When you select Kangda products, at the same time, you also select the success and friendship.

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