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  Kangda Purifying & Filter Co., Ltd.of Gu¡¯An county, Hebei province --- filter element, filter cleaner, dust removal filter cylinder, filter bag, self-cleaning air filter element, hydraulic oil filter element, dust removal and purifying filter element, oil and gas separation filter, construction machinery filter element, lubricating oil series filter element and other types of filters.  
  Location-Product- dust removal and purifying filter element
  Products Features
Adopting the polyester fiber, wood pulp fiber and the filter medium of high-precision ultra-fine filtering fiber.
Ensure the expensive aerodynamic machineries and equipments to be free of the dust with less breakdowns and more operation.
  ¡ô High efficiency, small resistance, large dust -holding capacity , long life and easy to clean.

The product are widely used in the terminal filtration of air clean engineering in the chemical industry, smoke machines , clean rooms, power plants, medicines and so on.
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