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  Kangda Purifying & Filter Co., Ltd.of GuAn county, Hebei province --- filter element, filter cleaner, dust removal filter cylinder, filter bag, self-cleaning air filter element, hydraulic oil filter element, dust removal and purifying filter element, oil and gas separation filter, construction machinery filter element, lubricating oil series filter element and other types of filters.  
  Location-Product- hydraulic oil filter element
  Products Features

Implementing ISO4572 and passed through the test many times, also, reached ISO2941 filter integrity test and other 7 standards.
  The filter ratio is : 200, the accuracy value can reach 1,2,3,5,10,20 um.
The operating pressure range that can be born from 10 to 42Mpa and the maximal flux is 200L /min.

High filtering precision, large oil through , small original resistance with large dust-loading amounts.
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