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  Kangda Purifying & Filter Co., Ltd.of Gu¡¯An county, Hebei province --- filter element, filter cleaner, dust removal filter cylinder, filter bag, self-cleaning air filter element, hydraulic oil filter element, dust removal and purifying filter element, oil and gas separation filter, construction machinery filter element, lubricating oil series filter element and other types of filters.  
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  Products Features
Choosing the imported high-efficiency waterproof and long fiber pure wood pulp filter paper with high filtering precision and wet-resistant ,therefore, it can not be affected in foggy areas.
  ¡ô Adopting the advanced folding technology with wide- plaited design and homogeneous dust-loading ,therefore ,the filtration area is large and the resistance is small .The end cover and the internal and external protective netting use the electrostatic painting £¬ which have the good antiseptic and rust-proof properties.

After pouring hot melt adhesive inside and outside air filter cylinder, the pleat distance can be fixed to enhance the application of air filter cartridges .After getting large air input, the internal and external netting and filter paper always been fixed in the original position. This will prevent the gapless between papers after pressuring on the filter paper and make the resistance to be increased.

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